The AlphaKey Alphabet™ Activity Coloring Book takes the student through a journey of empathy, joy and inspiration letter by letter. Each exercise is specifically chosen to offer a fun activity and to challenge or enhance learning of each word. Each word is chosen to start a conversation about what it means to embody the word, live the word and embrace self and others with love. The AlphaKey Alphabet™ activity coloring book is sure to intrigue and offer hours of activity.

The AlphaKey Alphabet™ song will spark creativity and joy! Be sure to order the song along with the activity book!

Happy learning!

AlphaKey Alphabet Activity Coloring Book

  • Product Details:
    8.5 x 11" • 34 pages
    26 activity coloring pages
    AlphaKey™ Alphabet Charts
    AlphaKey™ Alphabet Song lyrics