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Positive artwork to inspire daily happiness.


ShalomIsrael Diggs,

Word Art

/werd • ärt/


1. Integrating words that uplift, inspire and motivate daily happiness with creative shapes, images and colors.


Word Art by ShalomIsrael is meant to inspire positivity, gratitude, joy and love into our daily routines. The artwork should be placed where you will see it everyday. Through ritual, we create habit and through the habit of positive reminders we can learn joy and peace. What internal thought process, mantra, quote or moment in life motivates you to continue to pursue your dreams? Put it in writing. Even better- Put it in Word Art.


Why art with words?

At six years old ShalomIsrael was enrolled in ballet classes. While she was in class her mother would draw amazing pictures, images and shapes while she waited for ShalomIsrael's class to finish. "I remember studying my mom's images thinking they were so beautiful." Word Art by ShalomIsrael, inspired by her mother,  was created because of ShalomIsrael's love for creating uplifting colorful images and shapes with words. ShalomIsrael strives to be an inspiration to those around her everyday. ShalomIsrael also founded the AlphaKey Club LLC where she is able to promote early literacy, empathy, high self-esteem through the arts to underserved communities in NYC and beyond.


Word Art by ShalomIsrael has exhibited at various venues in NYC, at Miami Jazz in the Gardens Festival, Summer Bricolage in Harlem, NYC and with Miami Urban Contemporary Experience during Art Basel Miami.



We are all HUman. In order for humans to learn to love and hate, it MUST be taught. We learn from other humans how to love or hate. Therefore, we must choose to TEACH the right thing. Teach LOVE, not hate. Word Art by ShalomIsrael is dedicated to representing a Black voice in art and education. Word Art by ShalomIsrael chooses each day to share, give and teach through love. We inspire you to do the same. Thank you for visiting.


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